1) Does Stillman’s Cream Work?

The answer to this is a resounding YES, as communicated to us over decades by actual users all over the world. However, like all safe over the counter products the time and extent of products’ promised effect varies with every individual. And foremost is the following of usage instruction available inside the pack.

2) Is Stillman’s cream safe to use?

Stillman’s product samples have been tested by reputable internationally accredited laboratories like Cotecna, SGS and Dubai Central Laboratories, which have all found the products to be compliant with consumer safety requirements and devoid of harmful ingredients commonly associated with skin lightening.

3) I have oily skin, can I still use Stillman’s Bleach or Freckle creams?

You may use Stillman’s cream on oily skin but only at night time after washing your face with a mild soap. In the morning you should again wash your face with soap before stepping out in the sun.

4) My beauty Salon lady suggested that I mix Stillman’s creams with other creams and ointments that might enhance its effect. Is this recommended?

Like any product the careful combination of active ingredients is crucial for maximum effectiveness. As we do not know which products are being suggested to be mixed with Stillman’s products and in what ratio, we cannot endorse such a combination. You should be careful in taking advise from pseudo chemists as wrong formulations may be hazardous to your health. Therefore, we only suggest Stillman’s products to be used exclusively since their safe and effective active ingredients have been carefully formulated and tested rigorously for optimum effect.

5) Where can I buy Stillman’s Cream?

Many prominent stores world wide carry the Stillman’s brand of products. You may choose a reliable store in your vicinity to buy an authentic Stillman’s product. To identify a genuine Stillman’s product please see our ‘How to spot a Counterfiet’ page.

6) Which Stillman’s product is right for me?

Product selection depends on the specific requirement. For freckles and spot reduction we recommend the RED Stillman’s Freckle Cream and for an even toned and fair skin the GREEN Stillman’s bleach cream should be your choice.

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